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End Notes

Thots 12 Jul 2022 - 5:30AM


I believe that, if we are to deal adequately with this next section, we should first review what we've found so far.  The entire 2 Peter sequence is focused on changing Disciples into people who Love.


At Faith we were treated to a major exegetical concern that the Greek language would not be able to express the Hebrew concept of Faith, which implies a total, lived response.  I theorized that Virtue and the rest of the Greek terms were added to 'flesh out' the Greek to more closely approach the Hebrew concept.


Faith then was extended with Virtue, which I theorized would be understood using the 'soldierly prototype'.  This would imply a massive response to one's early Faith, lived out in one's changed Christian lifestyle.


Knowledge was then added to more closely focus the Faith response of Virtue into the desired, Hebrew, expressions.


With the conviction of the Holy Spirit, Knowledge triggers Self-Control and the Disciple begins conforming his life to more closely approximate the life portrayed in the Scriptures.  The Disciple's life begins to move away from the Disciple's selfish desires, and focus on the desires of one's Lord.  This continues and strengthens the move away from one's egocentric self into a focus on the desires of one's Lord.


At Endurance the Disciple learns to sacrifice for another.  Egocentricity is further broken down and a more intense concern for the well-being of at least one valuable other is stressed.


At Godliness the concern for one's personally-chosen 'other' [think of Buber!] is broadened to focus on the Lord.  God is a Jealous God and wants to be our Top Priority.  When we make Him our top priority, we take another step away from egocentricity.  We don't get to choose who we will sacrifice for.  We sacrifice for the Lord.  That's why He's the Lord.  This is where the Great Commandment is applied.


At Brotherly Love the Second Commandment is applied.  At Brotherly Love our concern directed outside ourselves is generalized to include, not just the Lord, but all our Brethren.  Our self-centeredness changes into being 'church-focused'.  Egocentricity is further broken down.  We love our Brother AS Ourselves.  The boundary line between us and our Brother is fully extended, so that, theoretically, nothing remains to distinguish between ourselves and our Brother.


At Christian Love the final boundary line is crossed.  At Christian Love Agape matures to the point that our 'Neighbor' is now, functionally, without bounds.  We find ourselves concerned with people we hardly know, and people that we know to be problematic.  While we may not invite them into our homes, we are still concerned and try to get them the help they need.


In a preview of coming attractions, the Child becomes understood as the initial joyful response to Faith.  The Youth involves the arduous disciplines of conformity to the Law and one's Lord.  The Adult becomes the final defeat of one's Egocentricity as the Disciple releases his Selfishness to become wholly absorbed into Christ.


How's that for an Overview?


This page revised and Copyrighted: Theon Doxazo

14 December, 2023