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The struggle of Endurance for the Christian tradition is an inner struggle.  The strength to persist is given by God  and appears in the form of Hope for His future and our place in it.  The Church awaits redemption by the returning Christ.  We are waiting for Jesus.


In the midst of this suffering, our submission to the needs of others, or to God's will, provides a sense of meaning or purpose in our suffering.  Because of this, Christians are able to reconcile themselves to suffering for the Lord and other people.  We have a reason for doing so.  We are suffering to meet the needs of valued others, instead of ourselves.  We are encouraged in our suffering by Hope in God.  We know that He will provide us the strength to endure and that He, and we, will have the ultimate victory.  When we cry out to Him, we know that He will provide, maybe not what we want or when we want it, but the Lord will provide what we need.  Eventually we come to humbly trust the Lord who cares for us in our suffering.  This experience of suffering produces an experiential knowledge of God's provision for us and thereby gives support for our continued Hope in Him.


Ultimately, endurance is found in a willingness to engage in sacrificial suffering for Christ.  It draws us closer to Him.  It is this very struggle for Endurance that is a perfect preparation for the next stage of Godliness.


Patience requires:

 1.  The consciousness of a right intent.

 2.  The implicit confidence in God, and in our cause as approved by Him.

 The main element in patience is Christian submission to the will of God.

 We shall grow patient under trials in proportion as we grow unselfish.

 3.  An element of hope.

 Patience under trial expects God’s appearing.

 Patience in labour awaits God’s help.

Thompson, J. P.  (1977, p. 57-58).




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14 December, 2023