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End Notes


You ever get one of those feelings?  You're walking past a graveyard, at night, and you get a bit of a 'shiver'?  It's not very pleasant.  Well, that's sorta how I'm feeling just now.  There's no graveyard about.  But, . . .things are still feeling sorta 'odd'.  Why, you may ask?  Well, the Topic is Kittle, and I'm about to wade in.  You've heard about that old saying, 'fools rush in, where angels fear to tread'?  Well, I guess I'm that fool.


These guys are so 'above' me.  They are the best of the best.  And I'm not!  Definitely!  I'm comforted by the proverb that says, 'a wise man can learn, even from a fool'.  Well, here's your chance to learn!


Why even bother?  Well, I've literally spent my life getting ready to do this.  Peter has been what I've gone to bed by and woken up thinking of.  I'm old and I've spent 50 YEARS on these three verses.  What I lack in Biblical Scholarship I hope to make up by sheer, brute force.


I also come at this passage from a very different direction.  I can't argue the linguistics, but I CAN speak directly about the lived spirituality of this developmental series.  Trained as a Psychologist, I've struggled to 'walk the walk'.  And understand what was going on at the same time.


So, as I approach Kittle and the authors he recruited to speak to these subjects, I plan to be doing so with humility.  If you find I've made a mess of things and need to be 'brought up short', I hope to provide you with a chance to provide feedback.  Needless to say, I'll need all the help you can give me.


My goal at this point is to strive to grasp what these authors have said and summarize it for you.  My original intent was to provide you with links to the original hard copies, so that you can read their remarks for yourselves.  (No need for me to intrude into your assessment of their work.)  I would have liked to do that, but, I'm sure Eerdmans, Kittle's publisher, wouldn't like that.  I thought if I 'quoted' Kittle extensively, the same goal could be achieved.  Well, while their 'Rights & Permissions' web page was reasonable, they made it clear that, what I would have liked to do, was simply 'unreasonable'.


The best that I can recommend to you, dear reader, is to obtain access to a 10 volume copy of Kittle, (you might try your local church or university library) and read the essays there as I try to speak about them.  That way, you should have at least some chance of catching the 'problems' I (unintentionally) produce.  I don't envy you your task.  Just realize, I will be trying my best to accurately represent what Kittle and his authors present.  I'm just expecting to be ashamed.


Note:  I will not be trying to summarize the work of any of these authors in it's entirety.  That would simply be too big a task.  I'll be working only on portions of their texts.  These are portions that I think are important to the larger task at hand, 2 Peter 1 and Christian Spiritual Development.


As was previously noted (See Citations at Bottom), I will be citing specific parts of these texts.  I will try to start each essay by using a complete citation format.  As Kittle is published in a series of volumes, for any given word this Volume number will remain consistent.  The Page number will be given, and the Line of print on the page (starting at the top and counting down, including blank lines) will be noted.  This style of citation will be quickly faded, so that you will eventually find these citations appearing as:  (123, 45).  This would be read as, page 123, line 45.  The volume is assumed to remain unchanged.  Please note that only the starting point for the quote is noted.  Using this system you should easily be able to find the portion of the text I am referring to, resulting in only a very small intrusion into the general flow of the essay.


This page revised and Copyrighted: Theon Doxazo

20 May, 2024